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Olga Krupina

Real Estate Portfolio Manager
Experience:             4 years
Language                English, Italian, Russian

Originally from Vilnius Lithuania, she graduated with a degree in Economic. Olga not only lived in different countries- from USA to Singapore. But she also tried herself in different professions from B-to-C sales to teaching. She lived in Dubai for the past 6 years and here she found her calling for real estate. Olga’s primary area of expertise is in villa communities. As she bought a house for herself in a newly family area, she truly understands the needs of a family. She believes in long trusting relationship with her clients, where she can give expertise advise not only about real estate, but also about schools, activities for adults and kids, even about dog parks. A little about personal life: Yoga and regular sport are one of her hobbies as she loves to keep her body and mind healthy. She visited already 60 countries and just love to explore new places with her family.